If on a Bobcat or Phoenix scooter the red light does not illuminate, the problem is more than likely to be a bad battery gauge. There also a small chance it could be a bad wire harness or connection. A volt-ohm meter will be needed for this test.

To perform this test the top half of the tiller cover will have to be separated from the lower half to access the battery gauge.  This is a good time to verify that the third wire to the gauge is on the “DC” terminal, not the “PG” terminal.

To start turn the scooter on.  Set the volt-ohm meter to the VDC (volts dc) setting.  Choose a scale that is greater than 50 volts dc.

Place the test leads of the meter on the two outer terminal of the battery guage.

The reading should be the same as the battery voltage. If the reading remains constant then the problem is in the battery gauge.

If the reading fluctuates then the problem is a bad wire harness or connection.

   No red light on

the battery gauge.