1. The old loop brake has to be removed before installing the new one. If both loop b rakes have to be replaced, do one at a time. By doing one at a time the one not being changed can be used as a guide. See if there is an end cap on the brake cable by the wheel.

2. Clip off the end cap.

3. Loosen the set screw on the cable fastener.

4. Remove the cable fastener.

5. Pull the cable through the spring and spring boot.

6. To remove the loop brake handle, the hand grip has to be removed.  There are two methods of removing the loop brake handle.

7. The first method is to cut the handgrip off if you have a replacement hand grip.

8. The second method is to remove the handle bar from the unit by removing the height adjustment knob from the unit and lifting the handle bar out.

9. Soak the handgrip in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. This will expand the handgrip and break any glue bond.  Slide the handgrip off the handle bar.

10. Locate the screw or screws that hold the loop brake handle on the handle bar.

11. Remove the screw or screws.

12. Slide the loop brake handle off the handle bar.

13. Slide the new loop brake handle on the handle bar and screw in place.

14. Install the handgrip on the handle bar.

15. Using the other loop brake as a guide thread the brake cable to the rear wheel.  Insert the brake cable through the spring and spring boot.

16. Slide the cable fastener on the end of the cable.

17. Pull up on the cable and slide the cable fastener as far down as it will go.  Tighten the cable fastener.

18. There are two locations where final adjustment to the cable can be made.  The first is the cable adjustment nut at the wheel.  By turning the nut counterclockwise the brake contact will move closer to the wheel.

19. The second location is at the handle of the loop brake.  Turning this cable adjuster counterclockwise will also move the brake contact closer to the wheel. If a solid contact with the wheel cannot be achieved with both of these adjustment nuts, turn both adjustment nuts clockwise until they stop. Repeat step 17 to take up any slack in the cable.  Make sure that the cable fastener is down as far as it will go.