1. Insert brake cable into brake arm and rotate the cable 90 degrees.

2.  Slide the brake arm into the brake handle. Align the middle hole in the arm with the hole in the handle. Install the pin through both.

3.  Slide the brake cable through the brake housing and slide the brake cable sleeve onto the brake cable. Slide the brake handle with arm into the brake housing.

4.  Align the top hole in the brake arm with the top hole in the brake housing.  Slide a sleeve nut through the housing and arm. Install a screw into the sleeve nut.

5.  Align the holes in the housing and handle. Install a sleeve nut through these holes and install a screw into the sleeve nut.

6.  Align the slots in the cable adjuster and install on the brake cable and sleeve. Turn the cable adjuster nut 90 degrees to hold the cable in the adjuster. Insert the adjuster into the brake handle assembly.