1. Verify that all the parts are present.

2. Unfold the Duet by Pulling out on the red locking knob and push down on the red strip inside the tote bag.

3. Install one of the handles into the base of the unit and adjust to the desired height.

4. Slide the handle up or down slightly until one of the adjustment knobs can be inserted through the base and handle.

5. Tighten the knob and repeat for the other side.

6. To use as a rollator install the back rest the opposite of the push handles. Depress both backrest locking brackets and slide the backrest into the back rest brackets until it locks into place.


7. To use the Duet as a transport chair repeat Step 6, but install the backrest on the same side as the push handles.

8. To complete the transition of the Duet to a transport chair fold down the foot rest.

9. To adjust the length of the foot rest push in the locking pins and slide the down tubes of the footrest up or down to the desired length.  Be sure the locking pins engage at the new length. To fold the foot rest back in to the Duet frame, the foot rest must be in the highest position.

10. The loop locks can be engage two ways.  By pulling up on the brake handle the brakes will engaged.  By releasing the handle the brakes will be released.

11. To lock the loop brakes, push down on the brake handle until it clicks in place.  Pulling up on the brake handle will release the brake.

12. The armrest can be lowered by releasing the locking lever on each armrest.

13.  To fold the Duet, lift up the seat to access the red folding strap in the tote bag.  Pull out the red knob on the folding bar and lift up the red folding strap.