1.  Un-zipper the cover to expose the cells.

2.  Locate the bad cell and unsnap the side opposite the side that the tubes connect to.

3.  Unsnap the bladder on the side with the tube or tubes are connected.

4.  Locate the tube or tubes from the bladder and remove them from the connector.  You may have to cut the tube by slicing the end. Be careful not to cut any of the good tubes. If there is more than one tube, note which one went to each connector.

5.  Remove the bad bladder and place the new bladder into the vinyl holders. Slide the tube or tubes unto the connector.  If there are more than one tube make sure they are connect to the connectors the same way they were removed.

6.  Snap in both sides of the new bladder unto the base.

7. Zipper the cover to the base to complete the installation.