Turn the chair on and note if the lights flash. Count the number of bars and compare them to the troubleshooting chart. This will give a starting point as to where the problem can be found.

            If the chair will not turn on:

1.      Locate and press the reset circuit breaker on the shroud under the seat.

2.      Check that the batteries are connected. All Drive Medical power chairs and scooters use two 12 volt DEEP CYCLE batteries connected in SERIES to achieve 24 volts.

NOTE: All Drive power chairs and scooters are shipped with the batteries disconnected in order to prevent accidental discharge. The battery connectors must be reattached before attempting to drive the chair.

3.      With the voltmeter in the 200 VDC scale, place the negative test lead onto the negative terminal of one battery, and the positive test lead onto the positive terminal of the other. You should be reading the two batteries added together. If you get no reading at all, place the tests leads on the other terminals of the batteries and read the total voltage.

4.      Check the main fuses in the battery circuit.

5.      Using a voltmeter set on the 200 VDC scale, insert the test leads into pins 1 and 2 in the charging receptacle located on the lower front of the joystick.

You should be reading the battery voltage at this point. If none is present, check all connections coming from the batteries to the joystick.