1. Verify that all parts are present.

2. Remove all nylon ties from unit.

3. Open up the wagon and lay on a flat surface with the rear of the Winnie Wagon facing up.

4. Insert the rear axle through the axle receivers.

5. Make sure the rear axle is equal distance from their receivers.  Insert a cotter pin in the two inner holes in the axle and spread the legs of the cotter pins backwards.

6. Slide on a washer, spring and washer on one side of the rear axle.

7. Slide one of the rear wheels on the rear axle with the side that has the deeper recess facing away from the frame.

8. Push one washer and a hubcap onto the rear axle.

9. Align the hole in the hubcap with the hole in the rear axle and insert one cotter pin or locking clip.


10. Spread the legs of the cotter pin backwards. The locking clip will secure itself.  Repeat steps 6 to 10 for the other rear wheel.  Your Winnie Wagon is now ready to use.

11. To prevent the Winnie Wagon from unfolding when not in use engage the locking hook to the font section of the basket.