1. Verify that all parts are present.

2. Make sure the trip rod in the column is fully inserted in the column.  If it is not shake the column until the trip rod is properly seated.

3. Slide the mast into the tabletop.

4. Line up the holes in the tabletop with the holes in the mast.

5. Insert one bolt in the hole furthest from the mast.

6. Insert the trip lever with the curve part facing towards the bottom of the table.

7. Align the hole in the trip lever with the holes in the tabletop and mast and insert a bolt through the holes.

8. Install a nut on each of the bolts and tighten.

9. The base must be placed under the seat lift chair before the mast is inserted on to the base to prevent the table from tipping over.

10. Remove the warning label from the column of the mask.

11.  Remove the black screw only.  DO NOT REMOVE THE SILVER SCREW.

12. To move the table up, pull up under the table to the desired height (1).  To lower the table pull up on the release lever and push down (2).  The table can turn 360 degrees (3).