1. Verify that all the parts are in the box.

2. Find the end of the lower post that has a threaded insert.

3. Insert this end into the base of the unit with the curve of the post matching the curve of the base.

4. Insert the bolt with washer thought the bottom of the base and hand tighten into the lower post.

5. Tighten the bolt with the wrench provided in the hardware pack.

6. Insert height adjustment knob into the threaded hole on the top of the lower post.

7. Remove the protective cap from the lower part of the upper post.

8. Insert this end of the upper post into the upper portion of the lower post.  Tighten the height adjustment knob

9. Remove the protective cap from the tray bracket.

10. Put the tray bracket onto the upper post, align the half circle cut out with the allen set screw.

11. Tighten the Allen set screw with the Allen wrench provided with the hardware pack.

12.  Put the tray on top of the tray bracket.