1. Remove the contents from the box and verify that all the parts are present.

2. Remove the two sets of bolts and washers from the mast with the wrench provided.

3. Remove the cotter pin from the base of the 13010SV lift.  Make sure the nylon mast inserts are seating properly.

4. Insert the mast into the base with the boom in the same direction as the legs on the base.

5. Slide the cotter pin through the bas and the mast.  Make sure the safety catch is engaged.

6. Install the two sets of bolts and washers that were previously removed through the base into the mast.  Tighten both with the wrench provided.

7. Insert the spreader bar into the base.  Depress the locking pin to continue to insert the spreader bar until it locks in place

8. Make sure the nuts are backed off from end of the handles and then screw both push handles into the mast.  When the push handle are screwed in as far as they will go tighten the nuts to lock the push handle on the mast.

9. Insert the pivot bolt and washer in the cradle.

10. Install the pivot bolt cap on the pivot bolt, aligning the holes in the cap with the holes in the pivot bolt.

11. Align the holes in the “U” bracket on the boom and with the holes in the pivot bolt with cap.  Insert the bolt from the cradle hardware through the “U” bracket and pivot bolt with cap.

12. Install the second washer and nut onto the bolt.  Install the nut cap unto the nut.  The unit is nowready to use.

13. To change the width of the base of the unit pull back on the spreader bar and move to the left or right as needed.

14. To raise the boom of the lift turn the release knob on the pump clockwise until it stops.  Move the handle on the pump up and down until the desired height is reached.

15. To lower the boom, turn the release lever slowly counter clockwise until the boom starts to go down.