Items needed

1. Underarm crutch attachment #10105CB

2. Aluminum crutch

3. Platform attachment 10105-1


1. Loosen the 2 knobs on the arm platform and set the hand grip to its approximate proper position.  Tighten the knobs.

2. Put the underarm crutch attachment on the aluminum crutch.

3. Remove the two knobs, washers and carriage bolts from the arm platform bracket.

4. Put the two carriage bolts in the crutch underarm attachment as shown.

5. Slide the carriage bolts through the platform bracket as shown.

6. Put one washer on one of the carriage bolts.

7. Attach one knob to the carriage bolt with the washer.  Repeat to steps 6 and 7 on the other carriage bolt.

8. Slide the platform up or down the crutch to the height that is needed.  Adjust the hand grip as described in step 1.  Tighten all knobs.

9.   Make sure the carriage bolts are seated correctly in the underarm crutch attachment.