1.  Unsnap the case and slide the cane out.

2. Remove the top label (#1). Remove and discard the plastic protection piece (#2). Slide off the black clip (#3).

3. Grasp the handle and let the sections drop down. The sections should slide into each other, if they do not shake the cane.

4. The height of the cane should be set at the distance from the user’s wrist to the ground. Loosen the anti-rattler.

5. Push in the height adjustment button (#1).

6. Slide the adjustment section of the cane up or down to achieve the desired height (1). Verify that the height adjustment button has engaged the nearest height adjustment hole.

7. When the desired height is set tighten the anti-rattler (1).

8. To fold the cane, pull the top section of the cane from the handle section.

9. Fold the top section up and grasp both sections.

10. Pull the next section out.

11. Fold this section down and grasp.

12. Pull the final section out and fold.

13. The cane can be store in either the case it was pack in or inserted into the black clip.