1. Verify that all parts are present.

2. Connect the head spring by aligning it with foot spring.  Swing both springs away from each other.

3. Insert the frame locking pins through the head and foot sections of the bed and secure with a spring clip.

4. Install the hi/low shaft to the hi/low motor on the foot of the bed by inserting the spring loaded side of the shaft to the bottom receptacle of the motor.

5. Slide the locking collar ¼” from the foot side of the hanger bracket.  Tighten the thumb screw.

6. Connect the head section and foot section spring decks by squeezing together and attaching the spring links.

7. Install the casters by inserting the stem of the caster into the leg receptacle.  It is recommended to install 1 locking and 1 non-locking caster on each bed end.  The locking casters should be installed diagonally from each other.

8. Extend the hi/low shaft until it reaches the full length of the bed.  The shaft adjustment holes are marked to indicate the style (semi/full) of the bed the shaft is being installed on.

9. Attach the head board by tilting the head board away from the bed and inserting the bed into the lower slot of the head board.  Tilt the headboard towards the bed until the bed engages the upper slot on the head board.  Repeat for the foot board.

10.  Install the hi/low shaft into the gear box on the head board.

11. Release the spring loaded shaft on the hi/low motor and insert the shaft into the gear box on the footboard.  

12. Make sure the slot on the spring loaded shaft engages the roll pin on the gear box.

13. Before installing the motor, plug the hand control and the hi/low motor* into the ultra light motor.

* Does not apply to 15030 bed.

14. Connect a 9V battery (sold separately) to the battery clip on the motor.  It is stored in the recess under the motor cover.

15. Remove the locking caps on top of the motor.

16. Align the head side of the motor with the head actuator bar and lift the head spring to the highest position.  The motor will automatically be pulled towards the bed and lock unto the actuator.  Repeat this for the foot section.

17. After the motor is installed slide the locking caps back on the motor.