Place the seat pad with the bottom facing up.

Place the seat frame with the indentation facing up into one of the cross channels of the seat. The indentation will be parallel to the cross channel and the receiver for the back post will be in line with the channel that runs from the front to the back of the seat.

Place the other seat frame in the other cross channel of the seat.

Put the star washer on one of the round head bolts.

Put the round head bolt with the star washer in the center holes of the seat frame and tighten.

Locate the four round head screws and cove washers .

Insert one of the screws through one of the cove washers with the concave side facing away from the screw head.  Insert the screw and washer through the seat frame.

Tighten the screw.  

. Repeat for the other three holes in the seat frame.

Locate the two cross brace bars, one round head screw, one nut and two washers.

Line up the holes in the center of both cross braces with the indentations facing each other.

Place the round head screw through the cove washer with the curved side facing away from the head of the bolt.  Insert the bolt and washer through the center holes of the cross braces.

Turn the whole cross brace assembly over holding onto the round head bolt.  Install the second cove washer onto the bolt with the curved side towards the cross bars.

Tighten the nut onto the round head bolt by hand.

Align one of the members of the cross brace with the corresponding “U” on the seat frame.

Insert one of the round head screws through the “U” bracket and the cross brace.  

Align the other ends of the cross brace with the “U” brackets on the seat frame.  If the ends do not line up, the “U” brackets can be


Install the remaining 7 bolts through the “U” brackets.  Attach the safety cap nuts to the bolts.

Tighten these eight bolts and nuts holding the cross brace to the seat frame “U” brackets.

Tighten the center bolt and nut on the cross brace.

Remove the Euro style clips from the seat frame.

Insert one of the four legs into the seat frame.

Set the leg to the desired height.  Verify that one of the holes in the leg is aligned with the hole in the seat frame.

Install a Euro style clip through the seat frame and leg.  Repeat this procedure for the remaining three legs.

 Repeat this procedure for the remaining three legs.

The bath bench is now ready to use.