Accessory number 1 is a side flap protector. This is used on tubs with built in grab bar on the inside of the tub.

To install accessory number 2, the pommel, the 2 receiver hole have to be drilled out from the bottom of the seat using the 2 partially drilled holes as guides.

To install accessory number 3, the seat belt, slide one of the sleeves (#2) onto one of the knobs (1). Slide one of the knobs with the sleeve through the end of one of the seat belt (3). Screw the knob into one of the brass fittings (4) at the rear of the seat.

To install accessory number 4, the chest harness. Install one of the nuts (2) onto one of the knobs (1). Run the nut to the end of the knob. Slide the knob through the end of one of the halves of the chest harness (3). Then screw the knob partially into the clamp (4). Position the clamp on the back rest (5) at the desired height. Tighten the knob to lock it into place. Tighten the nut against the chest harness mount.