1. Clip the ferrule off the end of the cable.

2. Loosen the lock nut.

3. Pull the cable through the lock nut.

4. Disconnect the cable from the lever by pulling the sleeve out and guiding the cable through the slot in the lever.

5. Pull the lever and expose the cable end, and slide the ferrule out of the retainer

6. Pull the cable sleeve out of the guides (3).


1. Thread the cable and sleeve through all 3 cable guides.

2. Pass the cable through the nut. DO NOT TIGHTEN IT YET.

3. Hook the upper ferrule into the lever retainer.

4. Thread the cable through the slot in the lever, making sure the sleeve remains in the adjuster seat.

5. Now go back to the cable end at the brake, and, using pliers, pull the cable tight, and, while holding tension, tighten the retaining nut.

6. If necessary, the brake can be adjusted at the bottom threaded adjuster,

Or, finer adjustments can be done at the brake handle.