1.   Remove product from carton and READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY before attempting to install product.

2.   If installation of arms is desired:

a.   Place one arm at a time into the arm holes on the raised toilet seat (the brass buttons on the arm should be facing out, away from the toilet seat.)

b. Depress the brass button in the front of the arm while sliding the arm into position. You will hear a “click” when the button is positioned properly. (You will see the brass button pop through the position hole.)

c.    Repeat process for back of arm.

d.   Repeat process for the other arm.

e. To remove the arm, depress the brass button while pulling up on the arm. Repeat for the back of the arm.

3.   Remove existing toilet seat and lid from toilet.

4.   Position raised toilet seat correctly on rim of toilet bowl and center as necessary.

5.   Attach original toilet seat to toilet bowl so it is positioned over raised toilet seat and install with the long bolts provided.

6.   Check for secure fit routinely before using product.

7.   User’s weight should be centered over toilet seat, not too forward or too far to one side, as unit may tip.

8.   If you have a style of commode that this product will not fit properly, it is recommended that you discontinue use.