How to use directly from an A/C Power Source (Wall Outlet):

    1. When using directly from a wall outlet, you should remove the battery and set it aside.  MQ5300 / MQ5500 comes w/a rubber gasket that goes on the bottom of this compress when not using the battery.  Also, there is a button on the side of the unit to separate the battery from the device.  Push the button, and slide the battery off of the base of the compressor, then connect the rubber gasket when using directly from an AC power source:

     2. On the bottom of this compressor, there is a connector that you plug the AC adapter onto.   Plug in the adaptor onto the bottom of the compressor, and plug into a wall outlet to run this device straight from the wall socket: 

How to use w/the Re-Chargable Battery Pack:

      3.  In order to use the battery, you have to charge it.  It also has a connector just like the one you find on the compressor.  Plug the AC adapter directly to the battery.  A red light will light up indicating that the battery is charging:

       Once the red light turns green, the battery is fully charged and you can now re-connect the battery to the bottom of this compressor and use it for 50 minutes of continuous use.