1.  Verify that all parts are present.

2.  Stand mast upright and verify that the trip rod is in place and properly seated. If it is not properly seated shaking the mast will properly seat the trip rod. If the trip rod is missing check the box and packing material, it may have fallen out.

3.  Slide the trip lever curved side up into the mast over the trip rod.

4.  Slide the long bolt through the mast and trip lever. Install the nut and tighten.

5.  Remove the locking knob and washer from the locking rod assembly.

6.  Slide the locking rod into the table mounting tube of the mast.

7.  Install the washer and locking knob unto the locking rod. Do not tighten the locking knob.

8.  Slide the small table unto the table mounting tube as shown with the table locking knob on the same side as the indent on the table mounting tube.  

9.  Turn the mast perpendicular to the small table top, slide the small table top as far as it will go and tighten the table locking knob.

10.  Slide the large table unto the table mounting tube as shown.

11.  Tighten the locking rod knob.

12.  With the caster mounting holes facing up insert the two metal spacers into the mast mounting holes. Place the double hole rectangular washer over the spacers.

13. Align the mounting holes in the base with the mounting holes in the base. The base will be over the table tops. Install the two base mounting bolts through the holes in the base and tighten.

14.  Install the casters into the base. The locking casters mount in the holes closest to the mast.

15.  Remove the screw that is labeled “REMOVED AFTER ASSEMBLY” and replace with the small silver screw.  Do not remove the screw labeled “DO NOT REMOVE”.

16. Place table on its’ casters and remove any protective covering on the table tops.

17.  To raise the table gently push under the table top to the desired height. To lower the table pull up on the trip rod release lever and push the table top down.

18.  To tilt the large table top loosen the tilt locking knob, tilt the top to the desired angle and tighten the tilt locking knob.

19.  To tilt the small table top loosen the small table top locking knob. tilt the top to the desired angle and tighten the tilt locking knob.