1. Verify the free wheel lever is in the engaged position.

2. Verify that when the throttle is engaged there is a click sound coming from the brake.

3. If no click is heard the brake will have to be tested. Disconnect the motor-brake from the wire harness. With the free wheel lever engaged take an ohm reading of the brake. It should be reading between 50 and 85 ohms. If it is not replace the brake.

4. If a click is heard, disconnect the motor-brake from the wire harness. Separate the brake from the motor.

5. Push on the brake plate to determine if it will move. If the brake plate freely moves, replace the brake.

6. If the brake plate does not move, then the six sided brake coupler is loose on the upper motor shaft.

7. The brake coupler has two set screws in it.

8. Align one of the set screws perpendicular with the flat edge of the motor shaft. Tighten both set screws.

9. Install the brake back on to the motor.