1. Verify that all the parts are present.

2. Remove the protective caps off the leg receivers.

3. Install each leg into the receiver by depressing the locking pin and sliding the leg into the receiver.  Make sure the locking pin engage into the receiver.  Install the inner legs into leg receivers in the side of the base with two cushions on it. Install the outer legs into leg receivers in the side of the base with one cushion on it.

4. Determine which side of the transfer bench will be facing towards the rear of the tub.  Slide one of the backrest brackets into the bracket under the seat on the side of the transfer bench that will be facing the rear of the tub.  Make sure the back rest locking buttons are facing each other. Make sure the locking button is engaged.  Repeat this for the other bracket.

5. Align the armrest with the armrest brackets and insert.  Push both locking buttons and continue to insert the arm rest until it locks into place.

6. Align the backrest with the backrest brackets and slide the backrest down.  Depress the two locking buttons and continue sliding the back rest down until the locking buttons engage.

7. Adjust the leg by pushing in the locking button and turning the leg slightly.  Slide the leg to the desired height and turn back until the locking button snaps into place.  Repeat this process for the remaining legs.