Your new Drive Cruiser III wheelchair comes with an adjustable depth seat that has been set at the factory to the shortest position.  Follow the instructions below to extend the seat depth of your chair.

1. Fold the chair and locate the extension screw on the bottom of the upper cross brace tube.  It will be a Phillips or Allen head screw.

2. Using the appropriate tool (a Phillips screw driver or 4mm Allen wrench) remove the extension screw.

3. Slide the seat extension tube out and align the rear hole in the seat extension tube with the hole in the bottom of the cross brace.

4. Install the seat extension screw into the cross brace.  Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the other side.

5. Grasp and unfold the extension flap from underneath the front of the seat upholstery.

6. Unfold one of the wings of the seat upholstery and wrap it around the seat extension tube.

7. Press the wing against the bottom of the seat extension flap.  Repeat steps 5 to 7 for the other side.