1. Verify that all the parts are present.

2. Unfold the walker by spreading the sides out until they lock in place.

3. When installing the front legs, the wheels must be on the outside.  Slide the left front leg over the front left side of the walker frame.   Push in the locking button and slide the leg to the desired height and engage the locking button on the leg.  

4. Do the same for the rear legs.  Now the walker is ready to use.

5. To fold the walker, pull up on the blue release lever on one side and fold in that side.  Do the same for the other side.

6. The glide covers that come on the walker are ideal for outdoor use.  If the walker is going to be used indoors and outdoors then the glide caps should be used.  The walker tips can be removed by twisting  while pulling off.

7. Now the glide the glide caps can be slid onto the rear legs.