Flash code

1 Bar- One bar is indicating low battery voltage. To verify, set your test meter to the 50VDC scale. Insert the test leads into the connector on the lower front of the joystick and measure the battery voltage.

If the reading is below 22 volts, recharge or replace the batteries.

2,3,4,5 Bars- All are reporting a motor problem, either an open or a short circuit, or, sometimes a controller error. Reverse the motor connectors where they plug into the controller.

Check to see if the code changes to the opposite side (ie, left to right). If the code changes, the problem is in a motor. If the code stays the same , the controller is bad.

At this point , both motors should be checked for open or shorted armatures. This is because sometimes the controller  can`t tell its “right from its left”.

To test a motor, remove the motor plug from the controller. With your ohmmeter set on the 200 ohm scale insert the test leads into the bottom two terminals on the motor plug.

You should read between .8 and 4 ohms. If it is less there is a short in the armature. If it is high, or no reading at all, there is an open circuit. Check the motor brushes to see if they are worn or burned. If they appear to be good, then the motor/gearbox has to be replaced.

9 Flashes- This is telling us that the brake circuit on one or both motors has either a short or open circuit. Unplug the motor plugs and, after setting your test meter to the Ohms function, and the 200ohm scale, insert the test leads into the top two terminals to read the resistance of the electromagnetic brake. Remember that the brake has to be in the “drive” position to get a reading.

You should get a reading between 50 and 90 ohms. If there is no reading at all, the brake winding is open, or the microswitch on the body of the brake is broken. If it is too low, there is a short in the winding. In either case, it is non-serviceable, and the motor/gearbox must be replaced.

10 Flashes- Follow the same procedure for 1 flash. If the battery voltage is too high, then it means that the charger is not shutting off when the batteries are charged, and the charger has to be replaced.