1. Remove from box and unfold the chair.

2. Tilt up on both back rest handles until they lock in place.

3. To fold the back down push in the backrest release lever on both sides and let the back swing down.

4. Choose a footrest to install on the wheelchair.  The footrest will go on the side of wheelchair so that release lever is to the inside of the wheelchair.  Align up the holes on the footrest with the pins on the wheelchair.  Let the footrest slide over the pins.

5. Swing the footrest toward the inside of the wheelchair. Continue to swing the footrest to the inside of the wheelchair until the release lever locks into place. Repeat the above steps for the other side.

6. To adjust the lengths of the footrest loosen the bolt at the end of the down tube.

7. Twist the footplate back and forth and slide the down tube up or down as needed.

8. When the desired length is set tighten the bolt at the end of the down tube.

9. The wheel locks are operated by the person pushing the chair, not by the occupant of the chair.  To engage the wheel lock the wheel lock release lever is pull back.

10. To release the wheel lock lift up on the wheel lock release lever.

11. The chair is equipped with a fastex type seat belt.  To secure the seat belt insert one end of the buckle into the opposite end.  Push the ends together until they lock into place.

12. To release the seat belt depress the release tabs and pull the ends apart.

13. The adjustment of the length of the seat belt is done by shortening or lengthening the webbing through the “D” ring.