1. To unfold the back, lift up on both push handle until the back locks into place.

2. To fold down the back. push in the back both locking lever and let the back fall down

3. To unfold the chair grasp one of the handles and tilt the chair slightly. Push down on the top of the cross brace on the side of the handle you are holding.

4. To fold the chair, lift up on the center of the seat upholstery at the front and back.


5. To install the footrest, align up the two holes on the footrest hanger with the hanger pins on the front frame of the Polyfly and let the hanger rest on the frame hanger bracket.

6. Swing the footrest towards the middle of the Polyfly until it locks into place.  Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the other footrest.

7. To remove the footrest, push the footrest release lever in and swing out the footrest.  

8. When the footrest is swung as far as it will go, lift the footrest up and off the Polyfly.  Repeat for the other side.

9. To adjust the height of the footrest, loosen and remove the footrest height adjustment knob.

10. Slide the lower section of the footrest to the desired position and install the footrest adjustment bolt..

11. Install the two anti-tipper by depressing the locking button and sliding the antitippers into the rear lower frame of the Polyfly.

12. To disengage the anti-tippers, pull the anti-tipper rearward and swing 180 degrees until it locks in the upward position.  Repeat for the other anti-tipper.

13. To apply the wheel locks when the Polyfly is being used as a transport chair, pull up on the wheel lock to engage the wheel lock. When using the Polyfly as a transport chair the wheel locks must be engaged by the attended, not by the person in the chair.

14. To remove the armrest depress the arm release button and pull the armrest strait up.

15. To install the 24” rear wheels, depress the button on of the quick release axle.  Insert the axle into the 24” rear wheel from the hand rim side while keeping the quick release button depressed.

16. Turn the chair on to its’ front side.

17. Depress the quick release button and 24” wheel in to the axle sleeve on the rear of the Polyfly.

18. To engage the wheel lock on the 24” rear wheel, push the wheel look forward to lock the wheel.