1. Remove the seat and loosen up the battery case lock down bracket.

2. Slide the bracket up and tighten in place and lift out the battery box.

4.   Turn the battery box over and locate the 8 screws holding the 2 halves of the case together.

5. Remove the 8 screws.

6. Separate the two halves of the battery box and remove the old batteries.

7. Place the 2 new batteries in the bottom half of the battery box with the terminal side of the batteries facing inward.

8. Remove the 4 terminal screws and washers.

9. Locate the black and red wire coming off the circuit breaker.

10. Install the black cable on the negative battery terminal (black) of the left battery. See the below picture.

11. Install the red cable on the positive battery terminal (red) of the right battery. See the below picture.

12. Install the remaining black on the black (negative) terminal and install the remaining red cable on the red (positive) terminal.

13. Slide the terminal covers over each terminal.

14. Place the top of the battery box over the bottom of the battery box and install the 6 screws.